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Joselyn Dumas (@Joselyn_Dumas) Shares The Reason Why She’s Not Married

Joselyn Dumas is bold, beautiful and has that beautiful curves but she’s not married and for someone who’s in her mid-thirties, you might have questioned if she’s the one rejecting all the men or no one proposes to her.
The actress and tv presenter shared a story of how a man she loved soo much and was hoping to get married to one day told her, he can’t be with her because she’s a ‘born one’.
Joselyn Dumas said this in her latest show on Tv, “Keeping It Real With Joselyn’ where she invited single mothers or let’s say ‘born ones’ to come share their experience about what it is like being a single mom.
Joselyn is telling her story, revealed that a man she was soo much in love with once told her plainly that he won’t be able to marry her because she has a daughter already.
Joselyn Dumas shared on the show that, since that experience, each time she gets into a new relationship, she makes it known right away to the person that she has a daughter before the relationship even starts.
Well, some people wouldn’t want to get married to someone with a child already but there are those too who don’t really care.

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