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Kalybos Can Never Date Me- Ahoufe Patri

Ghanaian actress Patricia Opoku Agyeman aka Ahoufe Patri has stated emphatically that she and Richard Asante aka Kalybos can never date.

Ahoufe Patri and Kalybos where both the main characters in the famous comedy “Boys Kasa” series that broke the internet a couple of years ago.
Their characters in Boys Kasa projected the perception that Kalybos was on an unending quest of wanting to date Ahoufe Patri to which fans read meaning to it that they are actually going out.
Speaking on ETV’s ‘Late Night Celebrity Show’ with Eddy Blay, the celebrity described Kalybos as a jovial person.  “When you are trying to discuss something serious with him, that’s when he tries to crack a joke,” she stated.
In reply to if Ahoufe Patri and Kalybos were dating, she said “even though he is funny, I am used to him but they can never date.
“There is never a chance at all “There is no chance at all,” she added
[By: Diana Teiko Amankwah]

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