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Sister Derby (@deborahvanessa7) Finally Discloses Where She Wants To Have Her Wedding With Medikal (@AmgMedikal)

Ghanaian model and mermaid, Sister Derby who has plans of getting married has finally disclosed the type of wedding she prefers likewise where she wants to have her wedding with her boyfriend, Medikal.

In our traditional setting, it is very unusual for a male to get married to a partner older than him but it is likely the love birds, Medikal and Sister Derby will be defying the odds soon.

The two have been "chopping love" incessantly in our faces...well we are also observing because love is a beautiful distin.

Speaking on 3Music, Sister Derby disclosed that she prefers traditional wedding to white wedding and also they (Sister Derby and Medikal) will have their wedding in Ghana and Romania.

She added that she wants Medikal to learn the Romanian that is why they will have their wedding in Romania as well.

Sister Derby is half Ghanaian and half Romanian therefore it is fathomable she wants to get married in these two countries.

We wish them all the best!!!

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