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Flowking Stone Reacts To Rumours That He Is A ‘Bitter Person’

Rapper, Flowking Stone has dispelled assertions that he holds grudges against some people in the industry for which reason he sounds very aggressive and attacks like a wounded lion on most of his songs.

Speaking to GhanaWeb, Flowking said his attitude on a song is determined by the message he wants to put across.
He asserted that music is a medium of communication and seeing himself as the voice of the voiceless, it was best for him to highlight the ills of society and push for positive change through his craft.
“I fell a song should make a statement. If it’s not a song to just make people dance and it’s one that people will sit and listen to, it should addresses a situation.
I feel we speak for people who do not have the voice so sometimes we are not even talking about ourselves.
Sometimes too, you have to hit it in such a way that people will listen [because] when you do it calmly, they don’t really get it. When you put the emotions and passion in the song, they realize how serious you are,” he said.

[Credit: GhanaWeb]

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