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Germany based Ghanaian Rapper G-Ranks Inks A Record Deal

Ghanaian Hip-Hop artiste known as G-Ranks, just inked a juicy record deal with a Germany based Record Label called “Hill Cat Records”.

Just few months after Ghanaian Hip-Hop artiste known as G-Ranks left Ghana, he has gotten signed to a Record Label known as Hill Cat Records based in Bonn (Germany).
The awesome news reached Loud Sound GH few hours ago by a very close source to the artiste and the Record Label.
G-Ranks got noticed by the Record Label during a street rap freestyle and just weeks after that, they offered him an enviable deal which we believe will boost his career and make him one of the most recognized artistes in Europe.
We’ve kept an eye on G-Ranks for a long time and we can tell he’s one of the finest rappers ever even though the music system in Ghana did not give him the opportunity to fully display his talent.
We are yet to get detailed information on the contract and share them with the world.
What we know so far is that, the deal got sealed, and they will take care of production, airplay, videos, shows and almost everything every artiste may wish for.
This is a great news for the artiste and a proud moment for Ghanaians. For those who believed in his talent and motivated him to do more have something to celebrate about…
 G-Ranks is initiated into a team called “Kings Yard Squad” which is also under the Record Label today.
The team is made up of all artistes on the label and obviously includes G-Ranks.
Above is a picture they took after the initiation. Keep your eyes here to get first hand info about the Kings Yard Squad
[Credit: LoudsoundGh]

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