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‘I Won’t Force AK Songstress Before I Chop Her’ — Shatta Wale Reveals

Earlier last week Winterstv.Com made a story on Ghanaian female Dancehall artist, AK Songstress who alleged that a certain Ghanaian Dancehall artist wants to ‘chop’ her before he could work on her song. 

After her shocking revelation on facebook, Ghanaians started investigating to find out who that ‘chopper’ is. Although we have many Dancehall artists here in Ghana, all fingers are pointing to the SM Boss, Shatta Wale. Shocking right? 

Well Shatta Wale in an interview revealed that he can never force AK Songstress before he ‘chop’ her. 
“Her management reached out for me several times for us to work on her song but just that am not free. I’m a busy person. Sometimes I feel like telling them to come over to my house for us to work on the song but all to no avail. Well, interestingly, I can never force AK Songstress before I chop her. Just like how Beyonce fell in love with Jay Z and Kim Kardashian fell for Kanye West that’s how ours is going to be. She should call me let’s work on that song. I’m not like those boys. I will never disturb her but if she falls in love with me then we can chop the thing”, he concluded hilariously.
When asked if he is ‘the guy’ AK Songstress was referring to indirectly he said, ‘ Shockingly I’m not that person. Though I called her several times when we wanted to work on her song, I never bothered her with sex’.
‘AK Songstress is very good. She has something that’s lacking in the industry and she needs something to guide her path. I will be glad to work with her’, Shatta Wale quickly added. 

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