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Local Nugs President Aspirant Delivers A Heart -Felt Message To Students On New Year: New Goals, Not Resolutions

DR.  Muazou Ibrahim,  a lecturer at the University for Development Studies once said, " an expert can't beat the market in the efficiency market hypothesis "and this has been the reason for my writing.
Another year is upon us and many of us follow the tradition of creating 'New Year Resolutions ' - promises that we will save more, care more, and other sentiments that are soon forgotten.

The idea of New year's resolutions is a good one that we should continuously strive to be better.
Personally,  a resolution is a flawed premises for various reasons.  Unlike correlation coefficient which measures relationship between risk and return,  resolution is too broad, doesn't have concrete targets and often isn't measured.

In deed,  as said by Domfeh EMMANUEL,  in his article 'The only University that develops Ghana " and written boldly in our anthem
" We're a light, and a pride,  and a beacon of Development.  Our Knowledge is for Service and practicalisng Education for Life,  Uniting the people in Development, Inspiring every mind, every heart and providing the best of higher education.  Praise be to the Almighty God for blessings over us".

As a student ,I perfectly know of the numerous challenges we go through and despite all this challenges that we go through,  we are of the strong convictions that our dreams, aspirations and life goals can be achieved on the land of baobab.
As I speak of challenges, we can not forget the distance one has to walk to get to the lecture hall and even walking back even with the hope of boarding a trusky back.  The condition of some of this vehicles has caused so many injuries to students.

You might have lost faith in the leadership front for not delivering up to the expectations.
Believe,as we make new goals and acting upon it,  I challenge you to hold firm to the particle of faith in you.
As we set realistic goals for the year 2018, we must surely find ways to reach these goals.  We can check mark next to each goal what we achieved, and an ❌by  each one we didn't.  And in making and keeping goals, I find this helpful.
1. Decide exactly what you want.
2. Write it down
3. Set a deadline on your goal.
4.Make a list of everything you need to do to achieve your goal.
5.Organise the list into a plan.
6.Take action on your plan immediately
7.Resolve to do something every single day that moves you torward  on your goal.

" Your Network is your Net worth" said Benjamin Teye
Strengthen your network on campus.  Ask everyone what they do,  how they do it, what their challenges are.  Remember,  it's not what you know. And no,  contrary to the popular belief, it isn't who you know either,  it's who knows you -and why . That's the only thing that will help you network better..
Be the change you wish to see and raise the bar.  Empirically,  you will see yourself beating the market and being on top of the world..
I hope you join me in giving up with new year resolutions and replacing them with goals.  I wish you absolute best this year - time is always a gift, so cherish it.

Be better today than you were yesterday and be better tomorrow than you were today.

Wilford akwasi asare adjei
School of business and law
Bachelor of commerce
UDS WA campus

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