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Osman Abraham Lincoln Writes: My Eternal Love!

Osman Abraham Lincoln, is the fullest bard of age; in his hands the air is chained in the cage. In his name the pen sings in every page adores by the sage. From Ghana, West Africa, yet his whisper in literati is heard in the grave of Odysseus, the King of Ithaca to the Coast of New York, Ithaca; across Jamaica to all lands in the universe.

His existence in literature is known in the ages, when he was a babe. A born poet and rare genius writer whose poems have root in renowned world anthologies with international poets and writers like Juri Talvet, Kwame Dawes, Zhang Zhi, Agron Shele, CHOI Lai Sheung,....

Dedicated to Demetra

As my tongue full of saliva soothing your juicy lips with wealth

I saw the Heavens kissing the earth

The ghost resurrecting from death.

Inside your heart I discovered my breath

We shall again kiss together after our rebirth

Oh, my Eternal Door open me!

At this lamp hour, on your bed alone I will be

I will make honey sprout on your tongue as the bee

In your inner eyes I see

My soul panting to swim in your crimson sea

I have made blood covenant with GOD, that you are my eye,

That whosoever cross my Eternal Door will inevitably die

Since my Pink Rose, left on a journey my whole soul turned into ice

I heard from the white dove that my Rose, will come into my soil for us to eat the red pie

On my way to her door I fell by a peel of banana and I slept on the ground for ages

Dreaming of birds in cages

She waited, waited and waited and in bloody tears she closed the door

Open me, now I have come for your call!

I looked into the skies, saw the clouds about to fall

Still she could not hear my thunderstorm voice in her hall

Lo and behold the shadow erupted on the wall; it is her

My lips could not found a tongue to tell

How splendid to see her running as a cheetah to embrace me!

The feet fathomed the path when the Divine decree

Tears overflowing my eyes as oasis on desert sand

Hold me gently and let us walk majestically hand in hand,

As if we are going to Buckingham Palace with inner touch

Let us carry love in front of your Door and say open us,

For this is the hour for the lovers' egg to hatch.

[Written By: Osman Abraham Lincoln (Kwaku Amanhu), the poet from Ghana -]

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