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Osman Abraham Lincoln Writes: No Death!

Ask five people of various ages if they want to live to age 100 and record their responses. Would they be willing to eat to half as much , exercise, much more, experience weekly dialysis, or undergo other procedures in order to extend life? Analyze the responses.

The quest for immortality is unquenchable thirst for all humans. The myth of the ancient Greece about Aurora, the goddess of the dawn ( called Eos by the Greeks ). According to the Greek legend, one morning as she looked down upon the world of fallible beings awakening to welcome the luminous dawn, she beheld the beautiful youth Tithonus, and his eloquent beauty pierced her heart.

This dainty goddess loved and married Tithonus. Fearing the time when death must take him from her, Aurora pleaded the gods to allow him to live forever. Her petition was granted in a bliss. But alas! however, she forgot to ask that he might live immortally young. So, as the years faded away, Tithonus grew older and older. He finally became so decrepit, that he was a burden to her. When Aurora realized she could no longer endure to look upon the husk of the man she loved, she changed him into a grasshopper.

Mortal flesh is subject to the final decomposition that is death. If not sickness, confusion, accident, misfortune, anarchy, life's instability, uncertainties; all people desire to live to the age of hundred ( 100 ), and above that. Longevity is governed by many factors - diet, health, hereditary, avoiding narcotics, and drug addiction, and how best we daily live our lives. Even when a fully grown grey bearded man see death coming and could run from death, he would do it. 

The responses from the five (5) people of various age I asked them if they want to live to age hundred (100) are similar yet varies according to different mood, time, circumstances and the environment each of them found themselves in. Yes, was the positive affirmation I heard from the lips of all the five (5) people I asked them the question.
Their points was that, to live to age hundred (100), helps one to make adequate preparation and provision ahead of time. 

To fulfilled all aspirations, dreams, purpose, desires. It provides enough time to cater for the children to adulthood, where they can now put significant meaning into life. 

To leave their children early as orphans, is a terror to them.
Everything in this world demands sacrifice. They are willing to eat well to maximization till their bellies begin to burst; food is the greatest necessity for survival. 

And they have the gusto to go beyond the extra mile by taking appetizer if they cannot eat. For the exercise they were skeptical. The daily routine to their various work places might not favor them in regular exercise. As for weekly dialysis, or to undergo other procedures in order to extend life is acceptable to them in any way.

[By Osman Abraham Lincoln (Kwaku Amanhu), International Poet And A Prolific Writer -]

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