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Sarkodie Replies Donald Trump In New Song

The internet have been flooded with lots of views against the recent comment made by American sitting President, Donald Trump on racism against the Haiti's of them leaving in a shithole country.

This comment which didn't decend very well with the black race seems to have raised lots of eyebrows and lots of comments from people of black decent.

Ghana's multiple award winning artiste and one of the finest Hip-Hop and rap artiste from Africa, Sarkodie has also decended on Trump through his new song "No Coiling".

No coiling was recored on an  instrumentation originally used by Drake on his KMT ft Giggs.

No coiling by Sarkodie had this line in the latter part of the song as "Trump wose me country y3 shithole, 3ne3 wo maame ......"

He was fast to add that Trump lacks talent. But latter big him up.

Listen to the song here:

[Story By Cofy Dela (@Cofydela)]

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