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Slay Queens Association Of Ghana (S.Q.A.G) Calls On Prez. Akuffo Addo To Come To Their Aid

In a press conference yesterday at the Labadi Beach resort, The president of Slay Queens Association Of Ghana has called on the government of ghana to come to their aid.

President of the association, famously known as Nutty_Black on social media, made this call when she revealed the lengths, or should we say extreme lengths, she and her cohorts go to just to earn the much coveted slay queen moniker.
According to her, the level of jaw dropping godess-like beauty which every slay queen worth her salt aspires to doesn’t come cheap. it is thus of utmost importance that a slay queen is filthy rich or has a sponsor who has pockets of immeasurable depth.Unfortunately, few members of S.Q.A.G have the wherewithal to handle their business. The rest……. well you can only imagine. And seeing as for some strange reason their main sponsors have gone chisel all of a sudden these unfortunate “queens” have been left to the dogs.
Some find it difficult to get a three square meal. Others find it difficult to buy new clothes, most of them end up borrowing or renting from their fellow slay queens (one of the highest forms of insults to a slay queen). Nutty Black also made it clear that, some men have resorted to physically abusing them for being cute and sexy. In fact the wahala of slay queens has reached critical mass according to the president of S.Q.A.G.
She is therefore calling on the president of Ghana to come to their aid in terms of support, protection and reduction of prices of Clothes and Accessories, Increase in the salaries of their main sponsors……. Any small way the government can further the cause of all slay queendom is very welcome according to Nutty Black.

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