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[VIDEO]: Actress Lydia Forson Assaulted By A Security Official

News gathered by indicates that popular actress Lydia Forson who has starred in many movies was this morning psychically assaulted by a national security official when she and her crew were on their way to shoot a movie close to one of the hostel around NAFTI.
Making claims of the incidence this morning she narrated the scenery which brought about the physical assault on her:
“Today it happened to me.”
“I was psychically assaulted by a national security official ( or so he claimed). A few minutes into the shoot a car drives up and a man with a walkie talkie jumps out and tells us we’re not permitted to be there.
Our director insists that we are, he together with the crew try to reason with the man but he refuses and the director decides that we should just leave to avoid what seemed like a situation that was escalating.”
“I observed all of this from a distance and noticed the man was fixated on the female crew member who happened to be the one driving. As she turned to leave he started to verbally assault her, why? Because she had “dared” challenge his claim that we weren’t allowed there; he continued to hurl insults at her until I heard him say finally “ you think you are somebody”.
“That triggered me.
It’s something I’ve heard more times than I can count, especially when it’s in a confrontation with a man. I’m either “ashawo”, “too known”, or an “unmarried small girl”."
“And by his utterances, I could tell things was about to get ugly, so I walked up to him and said he didn’t need to go that far, especially since we were already leaving.”
“He immediately turned to me, like a poked bear ready to devour its prey.”

“He quickly lunged at me and tried to hit the phone out of my hand, in the process he punched my arm and continued to come for me.”
“Save for the crew, this man was ready to beat me to a pulp and he said as much.”
“When I told him he didn’t have the right to, he responded with a smirk on his face “I can beat you if I want, my authority gives me that right and no one can do anything about it”."

        Watch the of the assault below:


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