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Agya Koo Attempted To Rape Actress – Kumawood Director Alleges

A famous Kumawood movie director, Frank Fiifi Gharbin has made a shocking and serious allegation against a veteran actor, Agya Koo.
According to Mr. Frank’s allegation, he once caught Agya Koo in a mess-up situation trying to rape an actress in a hotel during a movie shoot.
In a telephone interview on Hitz FM on Thursday, the Kumawood director narrated his allegation that he went into a hotel where the movie’s crew and cast were lodged after a night out, upon his arrival, he heard someone screaming.
Upon hearing the screaming, he went into the room, which he said was unlocked, to meet Agya Koo and actress, ‘Madam China’ striving as he(Agya Koo) was ‘trying to rape the girl’.
Mr. Gharbin added that he took the girl away from the hotel to another place that night, and after separating them, Agya Koo turned to accuse him of having an affair with the girl.
However, Agya Koo, who was in the studio at that time, challenged Gharbin’s allegations questioning how he could have raped the lady in an unlocked room.
He emphasized that Fiifi Gharbin’s indictment was not in any way going to defame him as he, the Director has plan to do.
Mr. Frank Fiifi Gharbin was on the show as a movie director to answer to allegations by Agya Koo that some directors in the Kumawood movie industry had planned to denounce him and that account to his absence in movies these days.
Agya Koo had already given a statement that his rejection to go naked for a scene in the famous Okomfo Anokye movie had incited that action from the directors.
And being the director of the fateful movie, Fiifi Gharbin was called into the Day Break Hitz Show to respond to the actor’s claims but it rather turned out to be a quarrel – throwing allegations at each other.

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