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KiDi Confirmes That He Only Dates Older Women

Lynx Entertainment signed singer Dennis Nana Dwamena popularly known as KiDi has revealed that he is only into older women.

The “Odo” hitmaker speaking to Deloris Frimpong Manson aka Delay on her flagship program, the “Delay Show” revealed that although he is single, he likes older women because they are mature and know what they want.
The early 20s singer, KiDi confirmed these rumors to Delay. He said:
“Me I actually like older women, a lot of things comes to play for my taste but to be very honest sometimes the maturity they show is very very attractive.”
“Am not saying anything to talk down on my age-mates but sometimes the things older women will do you’ll go through more stress dealing with people your age.”
“For older women, they know what they are about and do not stress, when they come this is what I want, are u down or not, are we doing this or not, they are straightforward but the younger ones are very complicated, they know what they want but they will stress you,” KiDi added.

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