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Rashida Black Beauty Pregnant?

It has been a while social media heard anything about the social media sensation, Rashida Black Beauty aka Rashida Malafaka.

Rashida Black Beauty became the talk of the town when a diss video she recorded against Kushman, her boyfriend who had cheated on her in went viral on social media in Ghana.
Even the Mainstream Media picked it up. She was awarded a #JIGWE Award for the most viral video by Viasat One TV.
The next time the 17 years old SHS student, Rashida Black Beauty became a topic for national discussion was when her nakked video leakked online.
In the video that is regarded as the nastiest leakked video Ghana has ever seen, Rashida Malafaka is modeling nu-de in a dirty fly infested bathroom. It appeared she recorded it all by her self.
Some claim she leakked the video to rekindle her diminishing short lived fame. Well, chatters is picking up has it that the beautiful 18-year-old Rashida Black Beaty is pregnant. started hearing about the pregnancy a couple of days ago on social media but being a trusted news website, we had to verify before we put out the news.
We place a long call to one of our sources in Berekum in the Brong Ahafo Region and he confirmed that Rashida Black Beauty is indeed pregnant.
According to the source, the news of Rashid Black Beauty’s pregnancy is all over the Berekum township. The sourced added that since Kushman recently got back togther with Rashida, it’s being alleged he impregnated her.
Currently, is waiting for the pictures of Rashida Black Beauty in her present state to add a lid to all the circulating rumors. Stay with us.

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