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Tibu Labels His Music As Being More To Afro Dancehall Section Of AfroBeat

Tibu, known popularly for his single 'Delay', has detailed the birth of his popular tune.

According to the musician who labelled his music as being more to Afro Dancehall section of Afrobeat made it known to in an interview that, the song Delay actually came from an effect he was  using when he was making the beat called “delay”. Lyrics are obviously about a girl but that wasn’t it at all, he narrated.

Being influenced by listening to musicians like Mugees and major Ghanaian artistes,
his best collaboration has been McBriggs X Tibu - Farabale an International Collaboration.

Officially entering  the music scene in 2017,  his music is basically influenced by how he feels or an event that has taken place before. "I try my best to be real", he added.

Tibu also adviced up and coming arts like himself saying, "Pray about it and be sure if that’s what you really want to do and if you have the craft I’ll say work on it and be great, but don’t force something out of nothing."

[Story By Cofy Dela (@Cofydela)]

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