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Zylofon Media Apologizes To Stonebwoy Fans

Out of the 12 artists signed unto Zylofon Media, none of them enjoyed such grand unveiling that was offered Shatta Wale when he joined Zylofon on 31st January 2017, not even Stonebwoy enjoyed such grand unveiling and Stonebwoy fans find it disrespectful.

Few hours after the unveiling, Stonebwoy fans took to the various social media platform to vent their anger on Zylofon Media. They accused Zylofon of playing favoritism.
Well, Zylofon Media, the fastest growing media company in Africa has come out to issue an apology to Stonebwoy fans and explained why Shatta Wale’s Unveiling enjoyed such patronage while Stonebwoy didn’t have that.
Speaking to Abusua FM, Samuel Atuobi Baah popularly known as Sammy Flex, the Spokesperson for Zyolofon issues an apology to Stonebwoy fans and explained that, before Stonebwoy’s unveiling, Zylofon Media did not have many contacts with the media hence the little prominence given.
“We apologize to fans of Stonebwoy for that. Nobody intends to give prominence to one over other artists. All the artists at Zylofon Media are our priorities.”
He further explained that Shatta Wale requested to bring his fans to the unveiling, hence the huge patronage and the grand funfair.
“The man put up an open invitation on Facebook and you know the number of fans Shatta has. All the twelve artists the record label has signed are equally important and we shall give equal priority to them as well,” he added.

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