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Dr. Sonnie Badu receives an Honoray Citizenship of the State of Georgia in the United Staes of America.

Ghanaian Gospel Musician and Preacher, Dr Sonnie Badu has been given  an Honorary Citizenship of the State of Georgia in the United States of America.

This event happened yesterday, 1st March, 2018 which was also the day for the Rock Summit. Dr Sonnie Badu had recently planted a church in Atlanta, Georgia, named the Rock Hill Church,

Dr Sonnie Badu had earlier this year been honored with t a United Nations Ambassadorial appointment.

He said  "I did not see this coming and today 1st of March, I have been given an Honour that Oprah and Bishop Jakes have also received. an honorary citizenship to the State of Georgia!!!! And that wasn't all,  A Presidential Lifetime Achievement award from President Donal Trump and a
Humanitarian Award from Trinity Girls Network.

It isn't coincidence that our root have been planted and  just  in the space of 3 months, we have also received  United Nations Ambassadorial appointment.

This is what God has gives us in the space of one year; keys to the city of Brooklyn, Doctorate in  Divinity, UN Ambassador, Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award and a Humanitarian Award.

I give all these back to JESUS!! May His name be forever praised in my Life."

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