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Ebony Reigns Family To Sue Bechem Hospital & Mortuary Personnel

Sometimes it’s hard to really understand some humans.

We are disgusted by the behavior of the mortuary who for only reasons best known to him took a video of him ‘fondling’ with the dead bodies of Ebony and her friend Franky at the morgue.
One would expect that, now that she’s dead, at least she would be made to rest in peace, but the idiot of a man at the morgue wouldn’t let the poor girl who died under such unfortunate circumstances rest.
Several Ghanaians have called for the immediate arrest of the man who was seen performing the despicable act at the Bechem Government Hospital mortuary as the video they shared has gone viral.
It’s even more sickening that, some Ghanaians helped by sharing in on Facebook and on Whatsapp–We just don’t do that people, it’s evil and it’s one of those things that makes us a SHITHOLE as Trump put it.
Now the family of the late singer will be taking legal action against the Bechem Hospital mortuary and the man at the mortuary.
A portion of the report on reads:
The family of celebrated singer, Ebony, are acting fast in taking legal action against the Bechem Government Hospital and the persons in charge of the operations at the Morgue and most especially, the culprits involved in such a disgraceful act.
This portal, has reliable information that, the Father of Ebony, the family lawyer and management of the late Ebony are already in Bechem, suing the Hospital and every dullard involved in this outrageous behaviour.

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