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I Do Music For The Love I Have For It - eNZYM Reveals

Fast growing rapper eNZYM, known for releasing a couple of dope singles has made it known to in our twitter interview that, he has been doing music for the love he has for music.

Adding up, he made it known that doing music as well help him get things off his chest, inspire and motivate people  as well as being a life and a gift from Allah.

Throwing more light on his music career, the rapper made it known that, he has been doing music for 6 years but professionally 2 years now; even though no contract or either being signed to any record label yet, he has a great deal partnering Legacy Empire.

The rapper detailing his financial status as compared to his emotional, social stutus with regards to respect and popularity when quizzed about how far  with his career made it known that is a negative for finance but passive for the latter.

[Story By Cofy Dela (@Cofydela)-]

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