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Kushman Responds To Rashida Black Beauty's Pregnancy

By now social media users in Ghana have heard that Rashida Black Beauty who shot to fame a few years ago when her diss video for her cheating boyfriend went viral on social media is 7 months pregnant.

After her diss video went viral, Viasat one awarded the young girl who indecently insulted a man and even revealed in the video that she thought the guy how to have seks. Her insult video was awarded the most viral video at the Jigwe Awards. Something almost everybody spoke against.
Barely a month after the award, her nu-de video leaked on social media. Regarded as the nastiest nu-de Ghana has ever seen, it was alleged she leaked it to revive her short-lived fame.
After broke the news that Rashida Black Beaty is pregnant months ago, she finally confirmed the rumors in a video over the weekend. She revealed that Kushman, the same guy she insulted and became famous for is the man responsible for the pregnancy.
Kushman has reacted to this allegation in an interview with Zylofon Media. According to him, indeed he is responsible but he has broken up with Rashida Black Beauty. He added that he will take care of the child when he/she is born but he has ended his relationship with her.
“I’m responsible for Rashida’s pregnancy and I’m going to father the child but I’m not in a relationship with her any longer ” — Kushmai told Zylofon FM.
However, Rashida Black Beauty is pleading with Ghanaians to come to her aid and help her raise money to take care of herself and her pregnancy because she does not have a penny. Rashida Black Beauty is 18 years old.

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