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Obibini Stole My Song 'Gogo Woho' - Rapper T Zee Reveals

Rapper T Zee signed onto Good Lead Music and known popularly for his single, 'Gogo Woho' which was released in the middle of  last year and accompanied with visuals of it  is currently going on a radio tour which began in the Eatern region has disclosed to that Obibini, a signee of Zylofon Media has stolen his song 'Gogo Woho'.

Detailing his reasons as to why Obibini has taken onto his song, T Zee revealed that his  song 'Gogo Woho' was released in the mid of last year which contains a line in it saying 'Ohemaa gogo Woho mame".

Fast forward, in the almost the first quarter of the year (2018), Zylofon Media signed artiste, Obibini has released a song with the same title and has quoted the same quote he rapper T Zee used in his song as quoted above.

He further went on to explain that, Zylofon Tv and Angel Tv are currently the only stations broadcasting his music video but due to the recent incident, Zylofon Tv shows his 'Gogo Woho' video no more

T Zee feels strongly that rapper Obibini has stolen his song and wish he could have at least been credited.

Listen to both tracks below....
1. T Zee - Gogo Woho Download
2. Obibini - Gogo Woho Download

[Story By Cofy Dela (@Cofydela) -]

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