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Patapaa Lost A Ghc 250,000 Deal Due To His Indisciplined Behaviour — Former Manager

Amazing how fame can get into some people’s heads and completely destroy them. A year ago no-one knew who Patapaa was yet when he managed to gain some fame due to ‘One Corner’ he couldn’t stay humble enough to build on his success.
According to his former manager, the fame he attained got into his head and he started behaving with no discipline, cancelling shows with no reason and ditching business meetings.
According to veteran manager Godfred Bopkin, who has given the artist one last chance to change his behaviour before he dumps him, Patapaa’s behaviour cost him a huge deal.

 “He does not understand how things work in the music industry and that is the reason for his behaviour. He used to be very humble when he was underground but that has changed and he surrounds himself with many different people now,” Bopkin said.

“Because of his behaviour there was no way we could go forward with this [Ghc 250,000] deal.” he added.
According to Bopkin, Patapaa should wise up and change his behaviour otherwise he would leave him on his own.

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