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The Maiden Edition Of Ashanti Tertiary Awards

Young Dream Builder, a team of confident, determined and vibrant young men and women who exhibit great skill and alacrity with every project and in every situation. Young Dream Builder has made giant strides in the entertainment industry by not limiting themselves to just the fun part of entertainment but also the humanitarian part of entertainment.

Ashanti Tertiary Awards is a program designed to award and honor students, and also bring students together to explore new ideas. Being involved in this awards scheme later in your career is the societal responsibility. Being involved in this awards scheme early in your career is a valuable learning experience.

First it will provide visibility and get students known in the region and the country as a whole. Second, it will be useful for developing essential skills in your field of interest which will be useful in your later career.

This program is to provide opportunity for students and expose hardworking talented students, to implove their performance, provide recognition that keeps students engaged, validate students, and differentiate them from other students.

Ashanti Tertiary Awards will be base on the field of academics, arts, music, media, entertainment, and fashion, with 20 different categories. All Tertiary Students in the Ashanti Region are eligible to partake in this scheme and they include all university students, nursing students, teacher trainee's, fashion students, modelling students, media students, and colleges.

The Nomination Forms for Participants are free in other to allow all students who have interest to partake in without any restrictions. The Nomination Forms ends on the 9th of May, 2018 at 6pm.

Be Part of the Maiden Edition of Ashanti Tertiary Awards 2018.


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