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We Are Tired Of Zylofon, Aren’t We? – Asks Okraku Mantey

Barely 2 years when the introduction of Zylofon Media, the record label that has signed six African nation artistes is creating the headlines for all the incorrect reasons.

Some have represented the negative news emanating from the media outfit as mere content stunts to extend their quality however others believe the centre cannot hold at Zylofon.
Astute music producer and C.E.O of Slip amusement, Mark Okraku Mantey appears to be losing interest in discussions centred on Zylofon activities that some folks have represented as stunts.
“For me, a number of the queries i might need to raise..all of us…are we have a tendency to not bored with Zylofon or discussing Zylofon?,” he quizzed on Joy FM on weekday.
Mr Mantey explicit  that he has witnessed the eye seeking postures currently being imitated by Zylofon Media in his many years of music production and selling.
He, therefore, questioned the record label’s important contribution to careers of the acts signed on the label.
“Where is that the substance that Zylofon is commercialism to us?”
“If you say that you just square measure commercialism a product, the merchandise itself should be smart before you’ll be able to add the promotion to induce the ultimate consumption,” he continuing.
Mark Okraku Mantey conjointly wanted answers to what the signed artistes are ready to attain since connexion Zylofon Media.
“The artistes have they full-grown from once we knew them? i feel we must always be obtaining answers to a number of those queries rather than anytime Zylofon launching this or that money factor,” he explicit .
The C.E.O of Slip amusement believes the corporate has the required resources however lacks a solid foundation to propel its vision.
He conjointly expressed his dismay at the communication strategy adopted by Head of Communications for Zylofon Media, prophet Atuobi Baah.

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