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Zylofon Media Signed Shatta Wale Because Stonebwoy Wasn’t Delivering - Kumi Guitar

Zylofon Media as a label started in Ghana with the signing of Kumi Guitar, a signing which generated massive headlines at the time since Guitar reportedly received a car and a house for the signing.
Since then, Zylofon has acquired a reputation for extravagance in their artist signings.

Recently things have been kind of falling apart at the label with Stonebwoy’s decision to leave and a confrontation between himself and Bulldog over a car the label allegedly gave to the artist.

And Kumi Guitar, who knows his livelihood depends on Nana Appiah Mensah keeping the money coming, has launched a scathing attack on Stonebwoy for his actions.
He bitterly told myjoyonline insider details of happenings at Zylofon, alleging that Nana Appiah Mensah brought in Shatta Wale because Stonebwoy was not doing what he’s supposed to do.
“If these things keep happening and he [Stonebwoy] succeeds or people don’t get the picture right, he might succeed in pulling down Zylofon and if Zylofon is down, I am down.

“What I heard was that you got angry because Shatta [Wale] was signed… if you won’t give him what he wants, automatically he [Nana Appiah Mensah] will fail to give you what you want or better still, he will go look for somebody who can do the job for him if you cannot do it.

“He can bring the argument that maybe in his contract, they wrote that he is the one representing Dancehall so they shouldn’t bring somebody else. If you are representing Dancehall, it’s not just about representing but you also have to represent Zylofon. You are an ambassador representing Zylofon, how many times are you hashtagging Zylofon?…this is where our boss also has a problem and he has told you several times, you’ve gone for meetings?” he said.

Guitar added that Stonebwoy had been given a choice to either stay or leave with the label and he failed to give an answer and instead started behaving erratically.

“I’m starting to talk because I began this thing. Our boss wouldn’t have been in this industry. I was the one who spoke to him to do it and I wasn’t selfish, I told him to add people on board and then you [Stonebwoy] also are a beneficiary…yes he was Stonebwoy before we met him but can he say that Zylofon has added nothing to him?

“You’ve been spoken to and then you’ve been given the opportunity to decide if you still want to be part of us as family…if you want to go also, you decide. For a week now you’ve not responded only for you to do this. Is it that you want to frustrate the investor or you want to frustrate Zylofon.
“If you feel that Zylofon is not a brand you want to associate with, you should have pulled out,” he said.


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