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I Almost Stopped Music When I Continuously Kept Loosing Data - Ghanaian America Based Rapper K BO Reveals

Realizing  he  could do music after junior high  school; Promising music talent, K BO got into rap music because he had a lot of free time.

He started doing music professionally when he was in his second year, prior to that he had deleted all records of songs he  had recorded.

In an interview with, this is what he had to say,

"I was fighting letting go off the music because it was difficult balancing both music and school, but  I couldn't runaway for long, before I knew, I started working on my first full length project Sheep on tour-shine your eye before ascension simply "sheep on tour S.Y.E"

According to the young rap gid, the vibe to every song  has to be right. For an individual song it usually doesn't take much, but when working on a project, he like to brainstorm and write  but  jot a couple of ideas here and there.

He recounted moments he was tempted to stop music, saying; "I almost stopped writing when I continuously kept loosing data on my phone so i decided to go awal and memorize everything, because of that habbit in a nut shell it depends on the kind of song".

When questioned as to what he would have become if not music, K BO made it clear he would have become a doctor.

He further declared that he has been touring the world trying get his music heard and knows that he was born to do music so he put his all into being independent so far  and  plan on staying independent, music wise more music more albums. He added saying "I dont do music for recognition i do it because I can't function without it, I have tried to quit so many times so no matter whatever happens I'll be making music for life. I like to think of it as a blessing and a curse"

Below are links to his major projects

7 wheels of love EP with the WiND

Sheep on tour

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