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Moesha Bodoung Lands A Contract With HOLLYWOOD - Multi Million Dollar Deal

From the look of things, every unfortunate thing is a blessing in disguise. Actress Moesha Boudoung has been on the trend for saying or degrading the Ghanaian women on worlds biggest news platform CNN. 

The actress who made a shocking revelation on how she had to survive after graduating from university through sleeping with people's husbands. The story was all over social media where we saw people throwing jabs and stones at her for her choices of words at the said interview. Well, information reaching us this morning indicate that she has a green light of joining the Hollywood international movie industry soon. 

An Instagram post made by one of the PRO's of Black Entertainment Awards (BET) in connection with the black society of Hollywood signaled on how the actress is likely to join the multi billion dollar industry through her breakout interview on CNN which went viral.

Speaking on CNN Africa, the PRO refused to state exactly when the deal or endorsement would be put on the table. 

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