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Peek Delivery And Packaging Services

Kumasi is becoming a fast-growingeconomy in Ghana. With people becoming busy to leave the iroffice/workplace to get food to eat, send some important documents to another office, get some drugs for their selves or a hospital etc.
PEEK DELIVERY & PACKAGING SERVICES in Kumasi is here to take those errands for you at affordable prices.
With the slogan Your Errand is Our Errand peek aims to provide help to those who can’t afford a full-time runner for daily errands/chores.
The idea is to provide a professional affordable and trustworthy service which completely understands the urgency and confidentiality of all its clients.
Service they provide are:
-     Office to office delivery
They pick up and deliver documents and parcel from one office to another office
-     Door to Door delivery
They do delivery of items, foodstuffs, clothes, cakes etc. from one home to the other

-     Errand Service
They run errands such as picking up of medication, clothing from the laundry, letter & parcel from post office and many more
-     Grocery Shopping
Just make a list tell us your favorite grocery store and leave the rest to them ( no item is too small)

You can contact via WhatsApp or phone on +233560084035 or +2330240416681
Peek is located at Asafo YF, beside Elim pharmacy
Facebook - peek services
IG- peek_services
Twitter- @peekservices


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