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Date Multiple Men To Avoid Disappointment – Berla Mundi

Radio and TV host, Belinda Addardey known in showbiz as Berla Mundi has asked ladies to go on several dates in order to avoid the heartbreak of sticking with only one man who may end up disappointing them.

According to Berla Mundi, it’s a waste of time if a lady decided to stay and waste his time with a man who has not claimed her. However, she failed to explain what she means “Claimed Her”
Berla Mundi went on to advice ladies to go on date, meet other men and have fun. She shared a meme on Instagram with the inscription:
“Dear single Sis, Until that man has claimed you as his own you are single. Until he has used his words to make his intentions clear,You are single. Act accordingly. Go on other dates,meet people,have fun. It’s okay,you owe him nothing. One sided expectations birth disappointment.
Sharing the meme on her page, Berla Mundi gave a caption that further advice women to go on date and should not miss the opportunity of enjoying food from restaurants. She, however, did not specify which kind of food she is talking considering the fact that men are involved in her statement.
Yes !! Times have changed, women should really open their eyes and mind, because some men can just too liars, they want u to be focus on them but they are giving u any assurance, just because they know you love him…love is not enough ! Proof is better…thank you
Berla Mundi a few months ago was in the news when the actress, Yvonne Nelson accused her of going about dating married men for money and opportunity,

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