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Musician Queen Haizel To Go Nak*d On Facebook Live?

Information reaching indicates that  the fast-rising musician, Queen Haizel’s WhatsApp status that she will be going nak*d on Facebook live to pay respect to victims of the June 3, 2015, and June 4, 1979, disasters. The musician in the post promised to wear nothing for the Facebook live session which she said would happen on June 4 midnight.

In a bit to know why she wants to exhibit this unimaginable action, efforts were made to contact her to inquire more about her plans for the June 4 event. Speaking to this website, the young lady revealed that the free show is in honour of the victims of the fire disaster which happened at Circle in Accra on June 3 2015 and June 4 is to pay respect to the bloodshed of the 5 heroes in 1979 during the Coupe D’etate.

When quizzed again if going nude for the world to see her private parts is not too much, she replied that “I know how I’ll work around it”.
Queen Haizel has been in the news in recent times for all the bad reasons. Will the Facebook live happen on June 4 as planned or she will have a change of mind?

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