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Gollywood Needs Unity To Attract The Government And Investors- Afrikaba Ronnie

Ghana Film Industry (Gollywood) has been struggling for some time now. This is happening because all the stake holders are not united as they should. From Directors, Executive Producers, Actors,  Technical Crews etc are not ready to come together as one industry.

The fighting of each other has been the game of our time. We have been crying to get aids from the government and other investors to help build our industry but all these don't bear any fruits because there is no unity among our selves to set a particular goal. We see many associations being formed day in and out but nothing positive comes out of.

Recently, the Film Directors Guild of Ghana(FDGG) have been able to set up an annual film summit to elaborate on the problems and getting the solutions of the problems but some directors and producers keep sabotaging their agenda. Just last month an MOU was signed between Ghana and India film (Bollywood) in India to help build our film industry but all we heard is some known directors from Ashanti Region have moved out of FDGG to form another union by accusing the sitting President of FDGG on issues that could be solved.

Some of these things pull us back and we must be careful the way we filmmakers deals with our issues. As an upcoming filmmaker I say this with much respect to the senior filmmakers to put their heads together to get a national film agenda which will equally benefits every one.

Filmmakers are the story tellers of our country and if we don't do the right thing, we will always paint our country with wrong image. I recently see the boss of Zylofone Media, Nana Appiah Mensah doing his best to get funds for the industry but its becoming like individual affairs because there is no unity among ourselves.

Currently  our film studios and cinemas houses have been sold to companies and churches all because its not serving it purposes. Its time we come together to make Ghana proud through our films. Until we get united, our film industry will keep shaking.

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