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Sex Drug Company Chase Funny Face For Endorsement After “2 Minutes” Sex Scandal

Comedian Funny Face has taken to his twitter platform to fume over a said contract from a sex drug company after rumors circulated that he only last two minutes in bed.
The “Tramadol” singer, said he was approached by the company for an endorsement deal, for a drug which is supposedly to help boost sexual prowess of men.
Funny Face’s “2 minutes” tag came following his split from his wife, Elizabeth Nana Adjoa Ntim, who told the populace in an interview that she cheated on her husband because he could barely have sex with her for two minutes.
This came as a big blow to Funny Face’s private life and left his “man power” questionable by many people.
Though Funny Face has refuted these allegations under claims that his ex wife is still begging to come back to him, many still make fun of the comedian
Though the identity of the drug company has not been disclosed, Funny Face said in the video that, when he questioned them as to why he was their choice, they referred him to his 2017 “2 ” scandal.
Outraged Funny Face demanded an amount of GH¢500,000, but the firm felt it was too huge an amount.

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