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Zinni Media In Nigeria Sues American Boxer Floyd Mayweather

World super boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather has been sued by Nigerian company for not for filling his part in a signed contract. The company, Zinni Media is seeking $2 Million in damages.

Zinni Media in 2017 signed a contract with Floyd Mayweather to make five appearances at some schedule events including Ghana and Nigeria.
Out of the 375 thousand dollars agreed amount for his appearances, the boxer took 210 thousand dollars as down payment when the contract was signed. But he failed to make an appearance on the scheduled dates and venues.
TMZ explained that, after Mayweather breached the contract, it was rescheduled for the appearances to take place in December 2017. The contract amount was raised to 550 thousand dollars on demand by Floyd Mayweather’s management.
Yet again, Mayweather failed to uphold his end of the deal. And despite breaching the contract, he has not bothered to pay back the amount he took when the contract was signed.
Zinni Media has sued Floyd Mayweather at a Federal court in California and it’s seeking 2 million dollars in damages. Floyd Mayweather is yet to make an appearance in court.
Ghanaians were excited when a video of Mayweather promising an appearance in Ghana in June 2017 went viral on social media. Tickets for the event were selling for as high as 5 thousand dollars.
Yet people were eager to meet the boxing legend. It, therefore, broke the heart of many when news again went out that the event has been canceled. Well, we now know why.

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