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Samini Pleads To Be Given License To Grow Weed

Samini  has appealed to the government in power to consider and grant him a license to enable him to grow weed in Ghana.
According to the celebrated musician, instead of the government criminalizing the use of the drug, they can rather put some mechanisms in place so the drug can be used for commercial purpose.
He recounted some benefits of marijuana to national development saying when it is legalized and farmers like himself are given the necessary assistance to grow the product, it would help to generate revenues for the country.
Samini passed these comments during an interview on Okay FM last Wednesday
“I am a farmer. I need license to grow wee and export it to the industries that use wee for medicinal purposes and every other thing important apart from smoking. If I get the license to grow wee, I’ll supply to the medical industry, the oil industry…the paper industry, you know different [different] industries which use marijuana as raw materials as base for what they produce“, Samini said.
“You should allow farmers to grow because every country in the world has what is viable in the soil…Other places also grow other things as well as wee and sell to other places which don’t grow but it needs it for jeans, paper, oil and soap production, and every other thing apart from smoking”.
Samini also expressed his willingness to append his signature on any petition to Parliament to farming of marijuana for commercial use lawful in the country.

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