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I Have Not Regret Joining Guru’s NKz Records -King Paluta

A Kumasi based rapper and a signee of NKZ record label King Paluta as popularly known in showbiz has said that he broke down after joining Guru, the owner of NKZ record label.

In an interview with Fresh boy Papa J on the Enterchat show with monitoring,the rapper disclosed that he was under the weather after joining NKZ record label for almost 7 months both admission at the hospital and been discharged from the hospital yet in critical condition.

According to him, without and NKZ crew his life would never have been the same.
“Since God loves me,the record label I joined has never disappointed me,NKZ has been there ever since I joined the group”, he confessed.

He further said many Kumasi based rappers are absolutely against his works since last year he won the major fan base.

“I think the major fan base received last year from fans in Kumasi made my fellower rappers envy me at a point, at the verge of trying to take my life”,he told.

When asked if Kumasi rappers were still in existence and are receiving much fan base as the President rappers.He said,

” Yes, we the Kumasi rappers are still in existence but the only solution to us making lead is togetherness and unity”.

He claims no Kumasi based rapper took to his interest in finding out whether he was fit when he was under the weather for a couple of months, only his associates and colleagues who were closer verified his current situation time without number.

Watch full interview here

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