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Osman Abraham Lincoln Writes: The Spirit Of Literacy


Kings looking for the king whom nature sing. The man is Osman Abraham Lincoln, whose pen flows the Pierian spring. Sprouted as an Iroko tree on the lush land of kumasi - Ashanti, Ghana; the only Kingdom the King sits on the Golden stool from the skies. Osman Abraham Lincoln is a pivotal tool in literati circle, avid poet and prolific writer that write the whole history in four words as Publius Cornelius Tacitus, used only four words for: "They make a wilderness, and call it peace;" in the original Latin.

Osman Abraham Lincoln's ink on the scroll dazzles in poetry, oratory, history, geometry, philosophy, theology, politics, African culture, scientific ideas, play, prose, essay, music composition, literary research; giving clarity of the deepest spirituality with brevity in universality.

He possessed the Wisdom of Antiquity and the unique style of Modernity.


  For Katerina Kostaki

The Savant is the mind with ink and book

Thoughts in the air is the scientific outlook

Trismegisti is the Negus Negusti the sun dared to look

On the hearth of the sphere the Erudite cook

The ink etched on Havilah steel is the blazing hook,

Demagogues scare to look

Ibsen, Soyinka, Kant, Angelou, Shakespeare; stirring the
 living brook

The breath of Khayyam, Aggrey, CHRIST, Socrates;
 ignoramus' spell shook

Nkrumah, Lincoln, Anokye, Leonardo blazed straight line in crook

Emerson, though mortal, Immortal he took

The tome is the celestial home

The light which shone on the ancient Rome

The Soul that reads and writes sit on the Empyrean dome

Kofi Annan's elixir tool slay ten lions in their den

The pen is the hen,

That lays all eggs for men and women

Psittacus eritbacus is the polyglot that speaks with
Archangels not wren.

[Written By: Osman Abraham Lincoln (Kwaku Amanhu), the poet from Ghana -]

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