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Kojo Nkansah Wanted Me To Swear With My Own Song- Musician Andy Odarkidi

The first Runner –up of the Maiden Edition of Tv3 Music Reality Show Mentor, Andy Odarkidi has disclosed the reason behind that controversies circulating on social media between him and Kojo Nkansah stealing his song.

Speaking in an interview with Dave Hammer on Dave Hammer TV he noted, he took a pen and paper to write a song titled praise (Ayeyi), and showed Kojo Nkansah how to sign his part and after several trials they were able to record something of which he took a copy on his phone and listened on his way to Accra but realized several errors which made him return to talk to the sound engineer to help rearrange the song.

However, to his dismay, the engineer told him kojo Nkansah has instructed that the song was ok so he wouldn’t want to be sacked by kojo Nkansah so, he called Kojo Nkansah to ask him what was going on. He saidid,  ”lilwin refused to pick my calls until one day I got into contact with him and he directed me to see his Manager Top kay. Top kay invited me to his house so, I was thinking we were going to talk business but upon reaching there I found out Top kay was a fetish priest because I realized it was more like swearing an oath’’

The Musician later added, he obliged to do what Top kay asked him to do and after such experience he quickly went to register the song since he couldn’t go through the rituals given to him by Top kay.

Source: Hello Entertainment

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