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My Mum Did Three Menial Jobs To See Me Through School - Kuami Eugene

The road to stardom they say is never easy. Perhaps, this statement is not just as cliché as Kuami Eugene confirmed this during his appearance on the KSM show this Friday night.

Speaking in the interview with KSM on Metro TV, Kuami Eugene confided in the ace comedian that while in Basic school, at the age of 14, his dad gave up on him and his mother had to do three jobs to take care of him.

“Due to my stubbornness, my dad gave up on me when I was in JHS. He decided against paying my school fees. My mum had to do lots of jobs to pay my school fees. She sold fish, foes wear and fried eggs overnight to pay my fees throughout all the seven schools that I’ve attended.”

Eugene who started his life in Fadama indicated that his love for TV games and his truancy made his father give up on him and had to leave everything to his mother in terms of his school fees.

“I used to skip classes to play TV games. Sometimes, I will come to school, throw my bag to the campus and go back to town to finish my league at the Game Center.”

Eugene who was emotional during the interview almost shed tears when he got to this point of the interview.


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