4 Ways To Stand Out In This Crowded Music Era

In today’s saturated music space, standing out in the crowd has become the biggest challenge facing most up and coming artistes. Standing out however is not as hard as it seems. It simply means going that extra mile, adding that extra to the ordinary which in effect will make you an extraordinary artiste!

Here are 4 easy ways to be outstanding in today’s competitive music industry (plus one extra super crucial tip at the very end of this article)

1. Explore New Marketing Channels:

Make use of free groundbreaking apps like Tiktok and Triller to promote your music.

2. Branding

Be precise and consistent with your content, your messaging and the image you portray to your audience.

3. Submit Well Written Press Releases To Music Blogs

The days of sending just an email of your songs are long gone. Write bios, press releases and in-depth reviews on your music projects. This helps you control your narrative. Your fans, record labels and anyone who is interested in your work would like to find info about you when they run a google search.

Submit your music here: submit@unorthodoxreviews.com

4. Engage Your Audience

Interact in ways others won’t. 2020 is increasingly personal and brand oriented. If you aren’t sharing more of yourself, your views and who you are, you are missing on developing deep relationships with your fanbase. These relationships convert into concert numbers, album sales, streaming numbers etc.

Final Thought

These above pointers are quite easy to achieve. But the fact that they “could” be easily done doesn’t necessarily follow that they “will” be done. Being willing to do what your competitors are not is what’s going to set you apart as an artiste.

The final tip is to have a well-designed website. One big mistake artistes make is to only focus on building a social media presence, ignoring the importance of web presence and good search rank. They, therefore, have a good social media presence but rank poorly on web search engines. I wouldn’t advise risking hosting ALL your content on social media sites.

There is no excuse for not having a well-designed website as an artiste in this day and age. Ask yourself… how can you stand out when you have no control over what the internet says about you?

Source: Unorthodoxreviews.com

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