FDA Lists 16 Brands Of Tomato Paste Ghanaians Should Not Buy This Christmas

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Another festive season is here with us and as it’s marked by abundant feasting, the Food & Drugs Authority (FDA) has released an official statement to warn the general public on the kind of tomato paste they should avoid buying.

To this end, the regulatory body has released a list of tomato paste which shouldn’t be patronised by consumers for their own safety as it puts measures in place to have those already in the market withdrawn.

According to the FDA, the 16 products contained ingredients such as starch and colour (erythrosine) that are not indicated on the label and besides they do not conform to the standard they want.

The products include; Prestige Tomato Paste, Roi Lion Double Concentrated Tomato Paste, Richese Tomato Paste, Green Garden Tomato Paste and Rococo Tomato Paste. The rest are Alyssa Tomato Paste, Aicha Tomato Paste, Shalom Tomato Paste, Mama and Papa Tomato Paste; Juliet Tomato Paste, Star-Time Tomato Paste and Daily Double Concentrated Tomato Paste.


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