Get Conversant With Mr Brain Aborga , A Ghanaian – Belgium Based Tv/Film Hip Hop Producer


Born to Mr Charles Kwasi Brain Aborga and Alice Dormenyo (All Deceased), Alfred Brain Aborga is a Ghanaian Tv/Film hip hop producer residing in Belgium and currently working with some of the best music libraries in the business who work closely with some of the big brands and movie makers in the market.

He was born in Madina a suburb of Accra but hails from Volta Region – Ghana.

Mr Brain Aborga had half of his basic education in Madina at St Peter’s Mission Preparatory School which is now one of the best private schools in Ghana. He stopped at class 1 (Primary 1) and moved to the Volta Region where his mother got transferred as a teacher where he continued from primary 3 in a local school skipping class 2. After successfully completing his basic education, his dad suggested he come back to Accra and live with him since his parents had divorced. Mr Aborga revealed that it was his toughest time on earth because as a kid, seeing his parents argue and exchanging words always broke his heart and that affected him academically.

After successfully completing Junior High School (JHS), he went back to the Volta Region for his Senior High education at St. Paul’s Secondary School. It wasn’t easy that period as well because his parents kept arguing about who takes care of him in the Senior High School (SHS). He was a Day Student throughout his second cycle education and had to travel about 20 to 30 mins to school every morning, revealing sometimes he had to wash cars to make money for transport to school the next day.

With all the emotional pains and difficult situations, he completed the Senior High School education as his mom suggested he becomes a roadside mechanic because they knew the University is never an option.

The Mr Aborga story started way back and his love for music has always been with him since childhood. This compelled him to make a bold decision and left the Volta Region to Accra where his life began.

A couple of years later, his father had a stroke and became his responsibility.  He will go out working for money. Sometimes an internet Cafe attendant, sometimes a cleaner and anything available out there to make money and buy medicines for his father. This went on for some years until family members decided to send his father to the village when he kicked the bucket short after.

Alfred Aborga lived on his own and did everything for himself. Fast forward 2011, he travelled to Belgium where he now resides. He has 5 kids now and is very proud of them. He started a music blog when he arrived in Belgium called LoudSoundGh dot Com (Which is now closed). Introduced the most popular cypher series aimed at new up and coming artists with the likes of  Obibini, Fameye, Ayesem, Togbe, Tee Rhyme, Okyerema, Flowking, Medikal, Agbeko and more got featured on the Cypher series.

Around 2017 – 2018, he started chasing his dream as a music producer for TV/Film licensing. And on the side working with even more up and coming artists with the likes of the popular Ay Poyoo with the song “GOAT” (Aponkye), Fred Mensah with “Gye Receipt”, Sean V with “New Day” (Hustle), Phrimpong with “KUMERICA”, and many others.

He promised to unveil his new project with a great talent called Boss Bouncy. A 5 track EP titled “The Ghana Drill” EP.

There are more projects to follow he says… Link up with him on social media @MrAborga on all platforms.



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