Kobby Kyei News Starts Philanthropic Project ‘Go There With Kobby Kyei’

Blogger Kobby Kyei is living his bigger picture agenda with a new humanitarian initiative, “Go There With Kobby Kyei.”

The main purpose of this initiative is to help eradicate poverty, empower humanity, show compassion, balance the salt of tolerance and give in our little way to improve the lives of people in our community and the country as a whole.

The team would often go out to add more grease to the elbows of individuals doing their best to change the face and improve the standard of living of people in our society.

Likewise, “Go There With Kobby Kyei” as the name suggests travels to the slums and streets to fish out individuals who are in dying needs and mostly rejected by society.

We entreat individuals, corporate organizations and NGOs to assist in monetary terms, foods, clothes, shoes and toiletries.

Individuals and organizations who are voluntarily ready to support this worthy cause are kindheartedly welcomed.

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