Kwame Mulzz x G Ranks – Beyie

This song “Beyie” is one song out of 15 songs on the second album “Europa 2 Kumasi” from Kwame Mulzz. It was launched on the 25th of July 2020 at the prestigious “Trefpunt” in the City of Ghent Belgium.

Kwame Mulzz and G Ranks,
grew up in Kumasi Ghana and both now residing in Belgium, decided to make this piece about the stigmatisation of our Grandmothers, Mothers and Daughters in relation to perceived Witchcraft.

Kwame Mulzz talks about his family in such a poetic manner that one needs to replay and replay to understand some parts of the song. “Wo Break(hearts bɔ Kɔtɔ kɔkɔ).

Meaning One Breaks Hearts to and gives what they have to eg. (Slay Queens) and later blame their misfortunes on an innocent old woman because she is wrinkled and lost her physical beauty.

G Ranks begins to sing:
“Abrewa ahoɔfɛ asa yɛrebɔ no bayie”
which translates;
“The old woman now has a wrinkled face and is no more beautiful like she used to be, so she is now named the witch in the family”
G Ranks: “In my country – Ghana, when one is named a witch in the family, it means he or she is responsible for all the problems and suffering of the family.”

WITCHES in most cultures in the country are known to be destructive. Being named a witch comes with ample degree of stigmatization and you can even lose your life for it.

Lately, this 90 year old woman unfortunately lost her life to the “Beyie” tag.

And with this song Kwame Mulzz and G Ranks are hoping to sensitize the general public on the need to resist stigmatising our beloved, beautiful Grannies, Mothers and Daughters.



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