Meet Akosua Snow The New Face Of Afrobeat Music In Ghana

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Ghanaian music seem to be retrogressing as tallied to that of our neighbor Nigeria. Why? The answer is simple, Ghanaians are losing their pint of originality. Most of our artistes (the A Class inclusive) are trying to copy the style of the Nigerian artistes. Well, this situation is about to take a turn since the new generation coming up are full of talents of their own (originality). One of such budding artistes on our radar today is the new sensation of Afrobeat music, Akosua Snow.

Evelyn Frimpong who goes by the stage name, Akosua Snow is an upcoming Afrobeat artiste who is going to take Ghanaian Afrobeat music to the new level. Since Afrobeat is a novelle genre of music in Ghana, it’s exploits are unparalleled, so there is always a room for surprises. Akosua Snow‘s sense of Afrobeat music does not just surprise, it wows and shocks.

Akosua Snow‘s vocal dexterity garnished with her soothing tone on an Afrobeat will make you fall in love with the genre anonymously. Her ability to blend in hiplife and highlife vibes on her music portrays her originality,  either than the other upcomings who sound nothing but Nigerian in their music.

The much anticipated maiden single, “Ma Ware” which features Gallaxy will soon be released.


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