[Music Video]: G Ranks – Echo Tube

Echo Tube as inspired by “Jaron Lanier” is another piece of work by rapper G Ranks that talks about how people are so addicted to social media these days that it is slowly changing their ways of live and behaviors.

Many people are desperately seeking validation from their “digital friends” on social media these days that if it doesn’t come they are subconsciously reprogrammed to feel inferior. Cyber bullying is also another problem many people are forced to deal with on these social media platforms, it is almost like people cannot be who they really are anymore but have to alter their ways of life to fit in or be accepted

Then again a lot of people are also indirectly chasing after social media clout so much that they would do anything to earn these stripes. Especially our beautiful young women these have no problem going naked on live for clicks or likes.

The beat was to the song was produced by Mr. Business If you like this and support the message join G Ranks by sharing this work to create awareness.

Let us motivate someone out there who is a victim to these unfortunate instances…


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