My Take On The Increasing Rate Of Suicide Among Men – Sarfowaa Duncan

As we were all aware, yesterday, 10th September was WORLD SUICIDE DAY. I decided to take time out of my busy schedule to read more on the topic (suicide) and the statistics are scary.

So here it is…
Men have more tendencies of committing suicide as compared to their female counterparts.
Suicide is the single best killer of Men under 45.

41% of Men who contemplated suicide felt they couldn’t talk about their feelings.
The phrase ‘Man Up’ has resulted in more Men committing suicide.

My Take…
Every human being has got emotions and it is ABSOLUTELY okay to show them and this include MEN.
For far too long, Men have been taught to suppress their emotions and suffer in silence including little boys, I mean HOW?
Our cultural systems have also been unfair to men in this aspect as it’s evident in this popular Akan adage ‘B3RIMA NSU’. Ad3n B3rima ny3 nnipa? I ask? This has resulted in men bleeding silently within themselves and bearing the pain of no one knowing.

I believe it’s about time we let go of these archaic narratives. We must support our men by creating an enabling and conducive environment for them to easily OPEN UP on whatever it is that is troubling them. Let’s be there to listen to their storied even those that we might think aren’t necessary.
We must also put an end to bullying whenever we witness a man showing emotions, we all have hearts.

To the Men…
There is nothing Masculine and Honorary in ‘Manning Up’ and ‘Dying Young’. Its wiser to Open Up to the right people, get help, live long than to Man Up by suppressing your emotions and dying young. It’s absolutely MANLY to shed tears, it helps a lot. Tear glands have been given to you for a reason, Use them.

Moreover, identify friends who you believe will not judge you no matter what, will keep your secrets and then confide in them. It is an amazing feeling when you have people like that.
Let us all do our individual parts and collectively prevent the increasing rate of suicide in men.

I personally think its super sexy when a man shows emotions. Wink.

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