Osman Abraham Lincoln Writes: Were The Shackles Of Autism Broken For Martino? (Autism Awareness And Health Management)

Osman Abraham Lincoln is a born poet and genius writer from Kumasi, Ghana, West Africa.  Some of his poems are in renowned world anthologies with international poets. 
His ink on the scroll dazzles in poetry, essay, oratory, politics, African culture, scientific ideas, play, prose, music composition, literary research. He possessed the wisdom of antiquity and rare unique style of modernity.


Life in its apex, beneath, length, breadth, width, corner, behind semper et ubique edifies us how to live our lives in dark and times of illumination. Healthy living is not to be in splendid health alone but how you deal in natural disorders from the womb without crying at the tomb. Autism as we know is a childhood disorder in which children behaves “children” into whole adulthood. 

To see them as incapable beings is falsehood. The bird takes a worm as good food. Napoleon Hill, the genius thinker and writer of masterpieces wrote: “Within every disappointment, heartbreak, or failure, there exists an equal (usually greater) possible benefit.” All is what you cope with hope. You can tie yourself or climb the rope.

Scientists, psychologists and therapists are still possessed worm-eyes to dig into the root essence of and causes of autism. Theories abound in many forms yet their eloquence does not sound to the mind.

Here are the selective potent theories:

·         Genes
·         Hereditary
·         Prenatal environment
·         Postnatal environment

 Most of the persons with autism are susceptible to depression, confusion, epilepsy, panic attack, restricted repetitive behavior, impulsivity, chronic diarrhea, language disorders, environmental hyperactivity and wandering around.

Martino, a beautiful soul whose existence molded him to stay in the shadow of a window.
The movement of the arrow is measure by the bow. Autism from birth, he lived to 25 years of age until one fateful night disappeared into eternal cage lies behind their house with outrage. Upon all things joys is what he sings. Sometimes like hot wine in a fresh blood but this seldom brings.
Flapping his charming wings, the admiration of kings.

About a month before his misfortune he gave his family a hint; they took it as either a riddle or a puzzle till the day they saw that a stone does not dazzle. He often says, “I want to roam on the streets of the city.” Instead of the family to pamper him with words, delight by building time and accompany him to the streets and keeping eyes on his every move they did the otherwise. The virtue of love ended in a vice. Though it is not their fault, necessity demands common wisdom need to be executed with no ice.

One evening he parted with home unnoticed, tears was flooding the skies with torrential rain. The brain sank in the drain. Her mother and siblings began searching for him in passionate density. No trace of him. The dog’s nose has lost the sense of smell to sniff the whiff. 

The next day the whole family heard what is unheard of: somebody is drowned by a stream and left him on the other side of the sand. His family swiftly reached there and saw Martino. A certain people staying in the neighborhood confessed they heard a distant scream in a dream with inner agony that night from the stream, the people listened as a mere hymn. The dramatic drama ends in nightmare theme. The emotional and psychological trauma the family fell in is a history for continuity.

Persons with autism are special personalities which must be treated with crucial thoughts and deeds. They are liable to monstrous dangers.  Adequate safety concerns must be obtainable for them every time, everywhere. Early training on their minds is a priceless gift which in turn does us all good. “To Joshua Coppersmith and others like him, reality includes everything the human mind can conceive. Coppersmith was not limited by his physical environment. In fact, he controlled his environment through the use of thought, bringing forth creative ideas from deep within his mind,” says Robert Scheid.

Formal school and educational institutions for persons with autism; attainable needed resources, creating autism awareness in everywither, substantial treatments, environment that fit their pattern ways of life. Whenever I peek at a person with autism in the mirror of my eyes. I see a celestial being, a soul within my soul.

Written By: Osman Abraham Lincoln
                     024 090 4962

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