Rev Abbeam Danso and Apostle Nkum Challenge The Mystic Twins To Open Battle


o top pastors in Ghana, Apostle Emmanuel Nkum and Rev Abeam Danso are challenging the spiritually dreaded Mystic Twins, to an open display of power. They made this on GHOne TV’s REVELATIONS with Maame Grace.

Rev Abbeam rubbish all spiritual insights and knowledge propounded by the Mystic Twins and called them ‘tricksters. ‘”It’s not true. They don’t have any powers. Then government should go to them so they can solve our financial problems in Ghana” — he said.

On his part, Apostle Nkum rather threw a challenge. He dared the Twins to show any power to him if they have any. “Let’s meet eye ball to eye ball, and let us show power. They don’t have any power ” — Apostle Emmanuel Nkum reiterated.

The McKenzie and McMaine Twins are spiritual teachers and mediums of the unseen dimensions, who have dedicated their experiences from occultic associations, rituals and journeys through the unknown to bring enlightenment and direction to humankind.

Appearing on GHOne TV’s REVELATIONS show with Lady Rev. Maame Grace, they made it clear that they can access exceptional powers and abilities in their spiritual self. According to the Mystic Twins, every human is a god and has these special powers and abilities but they don’t know how to ascend to these higher order to tap their divine abilities.

However, this did not go well with the two top pastor who appeared on the show.

Watch video below:


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