[Spoken Word]: Osman Abraham Lincoln – Nsromma

Osman Abraham Lincoln, whose veins flows the blood of poetry has litted the eternal flames of Spoken Word Poetry on Love in his own African tongue: Twi language, with adage of the sage; proverbs, riddles and vocabulary the ancestors knew nothing of and amazed at his muse.

In Kumasi as womb he was born, breed and still lives there to beat any feat. He has done it; putting the oracles, the linguists, the orators, talking drummers into total defeat.

This spoken word poetry is filled with traditional Akan classical music and instrumentation that had been polished to fit modernity and posterity to come and come and come… The title is: “NSOROMMA” (STAR(S)). This is for your Valentine Day and beyond.

For your wedding ceremony, Engagement, Traditional Marriage Ceremony, Outdooring, Programs, Conference, Shows, Festivals and any information; please contact him on phone: +233240904962. Email: Lincolnghana2000@yahoo.com



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